My First Import

Procedure for importation of goods

The method is simple to import and roughly summarized as follows:

Step 1

Be enrolled in the Federal Taxpayers Registry, find the current fiscal situation, have advanced electronic signature. For more

Step 2

Hiring the services of a customs broker or agent, joining the list of importers, entered in the register of specific sectors,
perform the task given to the broker.

Step 3

Meet the payment of contributions and fail
treatments available as well the cost of storage, loading, unloading, transportation of goods, umplir with non-tariff regulations and restrictions as the case is subject merchandise (notices, official Mexican standards, permits, etc..)..

Documents Necessary

  • The commercial invoice that meets the requirements of the Fiscal Code of the Federation. The bill of lading in maritime traffic or air traffic guide
  • Proof of compliance with regulations and non-tariff import, such as Health, Agriculture, Environment restrictions. Etc.
  • Certification Certificate of Origin or to determine the source and origin of goods..
  • Guarantee granted by the customs deposit made garantíaa account referred to in Article 84 A                      of this Act
  • Certificate of weight or volume issued by the company authorized by the Secretary.
  • Information to enable the identification, analysis and control to bring the Secretariat through reglas.En for goods that can be identified individually, must be given serial numbers, part , make, model or, alternatively, technical or commercial specifications

Remember the import permit is the document that verifies the legal status of goods in Mexico, it is important to keep and carriage when transporting.

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