My first export

Procedure for final export of goods

It's the goods the country to remain abroad indefinitely

Step 1

High in the Federal Taxpayers Registry and the Register of Exporters Sector, in the case of alcoholic beverages and beer; energy drinks; denatured alcohol and alocohol, crystallized honey and processed tobacco

Step 2

Hiring the services of a customs broker for the name of the exporter of the motion ex-carrying
presented to customs. Exports generate payment called Customs Procedure Law (DTA).

Step 3

Meet the requirements established by the country of destination for the goods exported.

Documents necessary

  • The invoice or any document if the commercial value of the goods.
  • The documents that prove compliance with regulations and non-tariff barriers to exports
  • Certificate of Origin, if your client is in a country with which Mexico has a trade agreement and may have a preference in their tariffs.
  • Letter of Instruction to the Customs Broker.
  • Packing list point where the No. of packages, weights and dimensions exported..

In the case of compliance with regulations and non-tariff restrictions on animal and plant health, should mismda verified or audited in fiscal customs point to the Tax Administration Services by complex rules.

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